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A web app to find apartments to get intimate with.
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The starting point for your networking journey.

###Team members: Josh, Jessica, Christian, Paul

###Problem: Networking can be tough. Where do you go? How do you meet people in the field? We know it’s essential for finding the perfect job, but it can be overwhelming and often seems so daunting. In just a few months, almost everyone in this room will be looking for a new career path. Some in WebDev, front end, back end, or software engineer. What if you had access to tech networking events in your area?

###Solution: Introducing “tech.console()”. The starting point to your networking journey. Solving your networking woes by displaying available networking groups based off your search city and job field. It then cultivates a scrolling list of groups or events you can attend. See one you like? Click the link and RSVP. It’s that simple.

###APIs: Meetup, Google Maps

Breakdown of Tasks:

Josh: MeetUp API, Framework, Upcoming Features Jessica: Front End UI Design, Search Feature, Framework Christian: API Research, Creative Inspiration Paul: Google Maps (Background image on front end), Front and Back End Design, Implementing API Calls, UI JS rendering of results

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