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Trivia Game
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Trivia Game

Game of Thrones themed trivia game

To Play The Game, Click This Link


  • Click on the start button
  • The number of questions and seconds you have to answer each question will be displayed on the screen before you start
  • If you select the wrong answer, the correct answer will display in green, your incorrect guess will display in red
  • If you run out of time, you get that question wrong and you will be shown the correct answer in green
  • After each question you will be shown an image that represents the answer
  • After your round is complete you get stats on how you did, feel free to play again by clicking the button!
  • Each round is unique, the answer choices are randomized and the questions themselves are randomized from a larger pool of questions, you may not even get the same question twice!


  1. Make game mobile friendly / responsive
  2. Make app scalable (ability to add more questions or answers), can select the amount of questions per round and the time allotted per question by changing single variables "howManyQuestions" and "timeToAnswer" respectively
  3. Work with dynamically generated elements (Each button element is dynamically generated via JS), additionally each play button on the end screen is customized based on what score the user gets
  4. Replay value: Give user metrics on how they did, randomize questions from a large pool, randomize order of answers (no two rounds will ever likely be the same)


This game was designed, developed and coded by Paul Laird for the UNH Coding Bootcamp 2018

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