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A number of scripts to convert between various virtual reality image formats.
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Generating Equirectangular Images

In time, this will become a collection of scripts to convert to and from equirectangular images and cube maps.

A more detailed explanation of how the script works can be found on my website,

Equirectangular from individual cube map files

Output Image

Prior to using this script you will need to install Python Imaging Library - PIL. Once installed, copy the file to your computer. Open up either terminal, or command prompt and then run the following command replacing the file path with a path to the folder containing the six cube map images on your computer:

python "/Users/paulreed/Dropbox/Virtual Reality/GitHub/"

Once complete the script will save an equirectangular image in the folder containing the six cube map images.


Cube map images used as the example inputs are the work of Emil Persson, aka Humus [] under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. []

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