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Jan 14, 2021

Dialog Builder (Alert.js) for Dynamics 365 - Custom Dialogs, Popups, Alerts, and Prompts

download (v3.1 managed)

Please review the licensing info below before downloading.


Dialog Builder for Dynamics 365 allows you to create fully customisable dialogs and popups in Dynamics 365, using custom fields, buttons, messages, and icons. Capture input from users with a variety of different field types, displayed in a seamless Dynamics 365 style popup.

Dialog Builder gives you the power to extend Dynamics 365 with a seamless user experience when building end to end processes for your users.

Check out some working examples of common use cases.

Key Features

  • Create user driven dialog processes
  • Recreate Dynamics 365 functionality like Resolve Case, or Qualify Lead
  • Show stylish confirmation messages to users
  • Capture simple or complex input from users and process their responses
  • Display informative messages to users, including errors and warnings
  • Fully customisable buttons and callback functions
  • Display custom web resources as an inline popup
  • Fully customisable UI allowing you to create unique dialogs to suit your needs
  • Open custom HTML web resources inside a lightbox
  • Display a loading spinner during async tasks

How it Works

Check out the Documentation page for installation and usage details.

Or check out these working examples of some common use cases.


Dialog Builder v3

Dialog Builder (previously Alert.js v3.0) is free for non-production use. This means you can use it for free in DEV and TEST systems only, or in production as a 30 day trial. The version 3 code is NOT open source, meaning you cannot modify it. By downloading version 3 you agree to the v3 terms of use. Download and install the v3 solution, then purchase a production license when you're ready to activate your organisation. For more information about what's new in v3, check out the latest release notes, or check out the v3.0 Documentation.

Alert.js v2.1

Alert.js v2.1 is and always will be available for free here on Github under other releases. This version is not supported by Microsoft, and will not be supported by us with future versions and updates going forward. This version does not include any of the new features introduced in v3.0 (e.g. showPrompt) or any versions going forward. If you're using this in a commercial system we recommend using Dialog Builder v3 instead, to ensure you receive support and updates going forward. For more info about the v2.1 license details, check out the v2.1 license in this project.

Created by Paul Nieuwelaar - @paulnz1
Sponsored by Magnetism Solutions - Dynamics CRM Specialists