convert your audiobook files to podcasts in golang
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This script generates rss and atom feeds from your local file system to server e.g. audio books or other sequential audio files and servers them as a static webserver. Furthermore it offers a small gui to select single folders per podcast.

But why?

By that you can tranfer your audiobooks to your smart phones / tables / internet radios by podcatching functionality. For me this saves a lot of annoying cable handling time and improved my book per month rate.

other facts

  • it offers a simple password protection to prevent copy right issues
  • serves rss and atom feeds for import
  • runs in docker container (see MakeFile and DockerFile)
  • works when placed in subdirs (e.g. reg for ssl without wildcard)
  • allows custom theming and uses material design as default theme
  • handles encoding of filenames at best effort
  • further information can be found on my



  • for more information see on my website


  1. adjust settings in config.default.json and save it as config.json
    • simply skip this step to use the defaults
  2. (sym)link some audiobook files as your ./files dir
    • e.g. ln -s /path/to/your/audiobook/collection/ ./files/
    • or copy some of them to the ./files/ dir
  3. run the script inside a docker container using the Dockerfile provided
    • by using default docker sudo make build && sudo make run
    • by adjusting and using docker without MakeFile
      • docker build -t audiobook-feeds .
      • docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/usr/src/myapp -w /usr/src/myapp -it --rm -p 8080:8080 --name audiobook-feeds audiobook-feeds go run feed.go
    • by using go on the host machine
      • sudo make run-no-docker
  4. navigate to to get to the web interface
  5. enjoy your audiobooks as podcasts

Ideas to improve

- feed image, if provided in folder
- fix handling of the char '#'
- different sorting algorithms

Thanks to

  • Compufreak345 for guiding me through my first very own golang projects