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Build an animated presentation and video from the static images.
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AI Animatics


Build animated presentations and/or videos from the static images. Teachers want to teach using images from the Met Museum's collection. A teacher knows that movement draws in the student and makes learning more interesting and fun. Today most of the museum’s artifacts are static images. With our tool teachers will be able to transform their images into moving animatic movies. AI will power the intelligent panning and zooming based on interesting objects in the image.

Sparking global connections

The aniMETics tool is an easy way for teachers/any educator to use Met artwork images to help illustrate a history or thematic lesson plan so that the lesson plan is more engaging and the student has a higher recall rate. The teacher not only provides a more stimulating lesson but also exposes art and the resources of a museum to students.


Lead Developer: Paul Stubbs, Microsoft�
Lead Storyteller: Maria Kessler, The Met
Developer: Robert Alexander, Microsoft.

Powered by AI

Microsoft Cogniive Services Custom Computer Vision will be used to understand the objects and faces in the image to identify zoom and pan regions. OpenCV will be used to create the movies and process the images. Python will be used as the primary programming language with Visual Studio Code as the IDE. QT will be used to create the GUI.


Microsoft Cognitive Services
Microsoft Custom Vision
Microsoft Face API
Visual Studio Code
Python 3
PyQT5 pytest

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