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Hi all,

we are migrating an existing app from plain backbone to use relational. Previously we just stored the child models as an array inside their parent and as such when retrieved they kept a defined position within it (so if we reordered the contents from the view they would be saved exactly as displayed).

Now with relational the elements are (or seem to be) ordered according to their id but they are stored with the intended ordering. I move them and save, the list of id's at the database is modified to reflect that, I put debugging aids both on the server and browser and the data on the wire comes with the correct ordering.

I'm trying to understand how relational works under the hood but I'm not sure if there is a simple and non obtrusive way to get the old behaviour.

We are using:

  • Backbone-Relational 22f6f7a
  • Backbone 1.0 (also tried with 0.9.1)
  • Backbone-io 0.3.3
  • Mongodb 2.0.4
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