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Error defining relations #378

ddxtreme opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hi there,

I am with toruble difinig relations, here is what i have:

class Entities.Trainer extends Backbone.RelationalModel
--urlRoot: -> Routes.trainers_path()
----type: Backbone.HasMany
----key: 'emails'
----relatedModel: Entities.Email
------key: 'trainer'
------includeInJSON: 'id'

class Entities.Email extends Backbone.RelationalModel
--urlRoot: -> Routes.emails_path()

when i refresh the page i see a bunch of warning in console:

Relation=function (){ return parent.apply(this, arguments); }; missing or invalid relation type!

Relation="emails"; missing or invalid relation type!

Relation=function Email() {
ref = Email.__super_.constructor.apply(this, arguments);
return _ref;
}; missing or invalid relation type!
Relation= Object; missing or invalid relation type!

Can someone help me? Thanks


Please try to file a jsFiddle with a running, reduced test case. That will vastly increase chances of the issue you're experiencing being solved!

@PaulUithol PaulUithol closed this

@ddxtreme I have the same issue with defining relations, have you sorted this problem out? If so, please let me know.


@ddxtreme I think i found the solution. Please consider this code:

class Entities.Trainer extends Backbone.RelationalModel
  urlRoot: -> Routes.trainers_path()
  relations: [{
    type: Backbone.HasMany
    key: 'emails'
    relatedModel: Entities.Email
      key: 'trainer'
      includeInJSON: 'id'

I hope it would help.

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