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This project possibly doesn't reflect the latest changes.
Check Nodeclipse team blog

Nodeclipse - Node.js support in Eclipse IDE


Nodeclipse or Nodeclipse-1 v0.2 is Eclipse plugin for the Node.js. The purpose of Nodeclipse is to create environment in which Node.js development is easy for any user from beginner to professional.


One-stop shop for Node.js tools.

We can't develop everything at once, but we let you know what are the best things around for Node.js development with Eclipse.


  • Creating default structure for New Node Project and New Node Source File
  • JavaScript Syntax highlighting
  • Content Assistant
  • NPM support
  • Debugging - Breakpoint, Trace, etc... via Eclipse debugger plugin for V8
  • Support for Juno


Download site v0.1.8:
Download site v>0.2 (Nodeclipse-1):


Check out great article and watch video.
For debugging check Using-Eclipse-as-Node-Applications-Debugger

For Markdown:

  1. Window -> Show View -> Other... -> Markdown
  2. Click inside "Markdown HTML Preview" view to refresh rendering
  3. (Optional, may be useful because double whitespace is hard line break) Show whitespace character via Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors : checkbox labeled "Show whitespace characters"


0.3 (April-May 2013)

  • Add template
  • Add hello-world-server.js
  • Add package.json (This is good practice) v Publish on Eclipse marketplace

0.4 (TBD)


Ideas, proposals, work-in-progress etc.


Before starting development, please do

  1. Carefully read materials
  2. Install and give thorough try
  3. Contact developers, make friends
  4. Say what you are going to do, before you head in. Share and discuss ideas.


LambGao 魔都 (original creator v0.1.8)
Scott Elcomb
Tomoyuki Inagaki (debugging integration v0.2) blog
Paul Verest (Vision, readme, reference to plugings) blog


Do not hesitate to contact developers. Create issue or send email to dev group. Or skype me by ID pverest, QQ 908781544.

For Bloggers and Users of Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Weibo etc.

In case you plan to blog or tweet about the Nodeclipse plugin, please use the tag "#nodeclipse" in order to make it easier to find all the comments and pictures. Thanks a lot for telling the world about the project!
| 请用#nodeclipse#标签微博一下。
| Por favor, utilizar etiqueta #nodeclipse
| ツイートする時は、#nodeclipseタグを使用してください。
| Bitte benutzen Sie tag #nodeclipse um zu twiten.

Spread the words

Please let others know about this effort. Add links below:

Sites that reference this project!msg/nodejs/ayLUeUOanzA/et6EEZppVjMJ

Hot requests asked Oct 13 '10 [closed] -> Vim, Cloud9 IDE, editors

Interesting and useful Links

Other Node IDEs

Nide v0.2 Last update 2012-04
JetBrains WebStorm or IntelliJ IDEA (commercial products)
Microsoft WebMatrix (free) or Visual Studio (commercial product)
CloudIDE (cloud service)
Eclipse Orion
komodo-ide (commercial product)
Netbeans have a NodeJS plugin

Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) has only JS web support.
add interesting stuff here...