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Apr 22, 2017
Oct 14, 2018

Free Learning Resources For Software Testers

An ongoing project to create a set of links to free online learning resources for new and experienced Software Testers (Click to view).

Since computer science and IT university departments don't invariably offer dedicated software testing modules and resources are spread among various different providers linked to different methodologies, I created this project to help guide new testers into some sort of useful curriculum and collate some existing web-based resources into lists of links.

The rules I wish to implement are -

  1. Content must be relevant to testers
  2. Content must be informative and not overly "salesy"
  3. Content must be free of charge

(the exceptions to these being books and magazines, of which most have to be paid for, and blogs - some of which are linked to test consultancies and thus may have promotional pieces in them)

This project is very new and the more resources are added the better. I ask the testing community to help by contacting me to offer new content or fork and create a pull request. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. In the meantime, I hope you find the resources below useful.

Paul Maxwell-Walters @TestingRants,

Introduction to Testing

The Testing Mindset (with some Logic and Philosophy)

Test Design and Execution

Testing Tools and Techniques

Exploratory Testing

Test Automation

Test Reporting

Defect Lifecycle Management

Testing in Agile

Programming and Academic Computer Science

Security and Penetration Testing

Mobile Testing



Developing as a Tester



(In last name/company name alphabetical order to avoid order bias)

Magazines and Periodicals


Offbeat, possibly even Bonkers Stuff

Online Sessions

  • Slack Channel : Women in Testing
  • Skype Channel : Software testing 24 * 7
  • Slack Channel : Ministry of Testing
  • Slack Channel :

Software Testing Conferences

Other Resources on Github

Tester Twitter Handles

  • (to be added)


A New Project to create a set of links to free Online Learning Resources for New and Experienced Software Testers.





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