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Voice CI

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This is my digital playground where I am learning. I'm integrating and validating new technologies and ideas here, playing around with new UI / UX components and developing with the best coding standard I come up with.

At the same time I want to provide an audiobook player which is really easy in use and a joy to work with. There are still some components outdated.

If you like to contribute or translate, that is very appreciated. But there might be impacting structural changes over time.



If you want to help check the label PR-Welcome. Its always a good idea to talk about what are going to do before you actually start it, so frustration can be avoided.

Some rules for coding:

  • Use the code style the project uses
  • For each feature, make a separate branch, so it can be reviewed separately
  • Use commits with a good description, so everyone can see what you did


The project page is on transifex. There all the localizations are maintained. If you want to contribute, check if there are untranslated or wrong translated words.

Or you can start translating a new language if you speak it ;-)


Copyright (C) 2014 Paul Woitaschek

The license is GNU GPLv3. With contributing you agree to license your code under the same conditions.