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Weibo using AFNetworking
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Weibo using AFNetworking

Or how would Sam Soffes program a Weibo Framework?

WeiboKit is highly influenced by the many Twitter Frameworks I have seen out there and CheddarKit which I thought was really cool.

Submodules currently Used

AFNetworking AFOAuth2Client


WeiboKit is released under the Simplified BSD License.

WeiboKit is under active development!

Any help would be appreciated. Open an Issue or a Pull Request if you have something to share.


  1. Basic task for weibo like getting statuses and posting statuses.
  2. Commenting and Reposting Statuses
  3. User API for other Weibo Users - follow users
  4. Move all the above features to use Core Data then call it v0.1
  5. Generic way of providing OAuth2 Authentication which will match the current WeiboSDK
  6. Favorites APIs
  7. Search APIs
  8. Topics APIs
  9. Accounts APIs
  10. Geo APIs
  11. Public Service APIs
  12. Remind API
  13. Recommend APIs


The code will be well documented with the same spirit as my favorite Frameworks like AFNetworking. Unfortunately I doubt that documentation will be provided until the framework as moved to a Core Data implementation and I feel like it has matured.

I hope to provide the best English Language Documentation on Weibo's API in this project. Weibo's English Documentation is currently out of date and does not strictly match the Chinese Language Documentation. For a long time I thought Weibo was still using OAuth v1!

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