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Carpool Casual

Carpool Casual is the most convenient way to arrange shared rides to and from events with people who share similar interests.

By focusing on arranging carpools between participants of an event with a common arrival time and destination, a trusted community of people with similar interests is created. Equally important, having a common destination makes carpooling convenient for the driver which will increase adoption of carpooling.

Casual Carpool was developed on March 22nd, 2015 for the Hack the Commute.

Our app is live at http://carpoolcasual.

Challenge and Approach

Our submission seeks to solve two problems:

  1. Encourage users to select options that relieve pressure on the overall transportation network
  2. Create an app that serves citizens at all income levels and from all neighborhoods

Our approach for satisfying this challenge was to:

  • Create a beta signup version to test carpooling interest to common destination
  • Create a responsive HTML app so all that's needed is a browser. You don't have to own a smartphone, and that means we can target users in all demographics.
  • Only one event is available for this implementation
  • Design algorithm to match passengers to driver based upon available seats and proximity to driver
  • Automaticlly email group matches and route details the night prior to the event

Team Members

Our team is comprised of:

Technologies, APIs, and Datasets Utilized

We made use of:

  • Google Directions API
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Apache
  • Phusion Passenger
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Forms
  • MailChimp

Our code is licensed under the MIT License. Pull requests will be accepted to this repo, pending review and approval.

Please watch our demo online at: