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jQuery Column HeatMap - Plugin

Column heatmap is a simple plugin created for the powerfull javascript lib jQuery, where you can create a table heat map based on EACH COLUMN values.


  • jQuery

Usage and Parameters

Basic Initialization

    columns: [1, 2, 3, 4]
  • The columns parameter expects and array with the indexes of the table columns to apply the heatmap, first column is key 0.


Parameter Type Default Required Description
columns array [] ✔️ The columns that the plugin should apply the heatmap, first column is key 0.
contrast boolean true ✖️ Change the text color to white if the background color is stronger
inverse boolean false ✖️ By default, the highest value receives a red background, and the lowest a green. If is set to true, the logic are reversed
animated boolean true ✖️ Fade in the background color
animationSpeed float .1 ✖️ Fade in velocity in seconds
fn_parseValue function null ✖️ Change the parsing behavior, receiveis the td content, must return and Integer or Float. (example below)
colorStartPoint int 0 ✖️ Color offset in HSL color pallete, from 0 to 360.

Custom TD Content Parse (fn_parseValue)

Is possible to apply a custom parsing for each column content. By default, is applied a regex to get only numbers, commans and periods of the content.




Parameter: text (Current cell content) Return: float|int

    columns: [1],
    fn_parseValue: (cell_value) => {
        // logic
        cell_value = 1;

        return cell_value;