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Predictible TimeZone Picker

TimeZone Picker that fills in user's timezone.

Getting Started

Download the production version or the development version.

In your web page:

<select id="zonePicker"></select>

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="dist/predictibletimezonepicker.min.js"></script>
  jQuery(function ($) {

By default options created by zone picker will be in this format:

  <option value="-5">-5 America/New_York</option>

You can change format of options by passing some options to Zone Picker:

  jQuery(function ($) {
      valueFormat: 'name',
      textFormat: 'number'

Supported formats are:

  • number - just a offset number -5 for NY, this is default for value
  • name - just a name of time zone (America/New_York)
  • combination - combination of both (-5 America/New_York), default for text
  • custom - custom formating function, function needs to be passed in options (valueFunction and textFunction)

####Custom functions

Usage of custom function:

  jQuery(function ($) {
      valueFormat: 'custom',
      valueFunction: function(zone) {
      	return + " " + zone.offset;
      textFormat: 'custom',
      textFunction: function(zone) {
      	return + + " " + zone.offset;

Zone object only has info about name of zone and number (offset of the zone).

	'offset' : '-5',
	'name' : 'America/New_York'


MIT © Pavel Polivka

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