Single-page quiz application made to help Russian-speaking people learn Slovak language (and vice versa).
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rusk is a single-page quiz application made to help Russian-speaking people learn Slovak language (and vice versa).


  • uses React framework
  • UI is in English or Russian, selected language is saved into localStorage
  • even for multiple-answer questions, only one answer can be selected
  • questions are random, previously answered ones may be asked again


$ npm install

Running tests

$ npm test

Getting coverage

Collect info and view report:

$ npm test -- --coverage

View HTML report:

$ sensible-browser coverage/lcov-report/index.html

Running development server

Start server:

$ npm start

View it in browser:

$ sensible-browser

Building for production

$ npm run build

Updating react-scripts

This project uses create-react-app, which uses react-scripts.

  1. Look at changelog.
  2. Look at versions in package.json.
  3. If needed, follow migration instructions.

Format of src/questions.json

src/questions.json contains list of question objects. Each question object has three mandatory fields (and one optional):

{"t": "mačka", "o": ["майка", "матч", "пирожок", "кошка"], "c": [3]}


Text of question. Usually a word in Russian on Slovak, e.g. "mačka".


List of answers. Usually a list of words in Russian or Slovak, e.g. ["майка", "матч", "пирожок", "кошка"].


List of indexes of correct answers in o list, e.g. [3].


Kind of question. Currently only one kind ("tr"—translation) is available, and it is default in case k is not specified for question object.

Linting questions

After adding questions it may be useful to check them with auxiliary Python script:

$ ./scripts/

If any error is detected, message and number of question (due to “one question object per line” policy, it is also a line number) are printed to stderr:

>= 1 correct index is required (14)