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Apple Graphics Power Management (AGPM )Injector Kext Generator
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AGPM Injector Build Status

This is a AGPM (Apple Graphics Power Management) Injector kext generator.


  • Select the SMBIOS you are using from the dropdown menu and click Generate. the AGPMInjector kext will be generated in your "Downloads" folder.
  • Copy the AGPMInjector.kext to EFI/Clover/kexts/Other folder and reboot.


  • Notifies user if there is an update on Github (App version 2.3.4).
  • Fixes GPU Power Management settings for desktop GPUs on supported SMBIOS (Systems that are in the dropdown menu).
  • Automatically parses /System/Library/Extensions/AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext to generate the most up to date injector kext.

Known Issues

  • Generating the kext on to the user's Desktop when a user has Desktop and Documents enabled for iCloud does not generate the required Info.plist inside the kext file itself. This is because Desktop and Documents enbabled for iCloud turns those directories into containers for iCloud services. This would require my app to enable iCloud APIs which in turn requires me to submit my app to the App Store, which I will not do. So the current generation of the kext to the currently logged in user's Downloads directory is the best solution.

Important Information

  • X86PlatformPlugin must be loaded in order for this injector to work.
  • Your GPU device must be labeled as GFX0 in order for the injector to hook into the AGPMController. This can be done by using Lilu with WhateverGreen, SSDT/DSDT property injection or by Device Properties in Clover config.plist.


  • toleda and others for layout.
  • vidda#7908 for the help with Update Notification feature.
  • Estel#4658 for the help with Encodable CodingKeys.
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