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Issue #33 migrate to Console_Color2 #48

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Walter Dal Mut Victor Farazdagi Simon Holywell
Walter Dal Mut
wdalmut commented May 27, 2012

Hi Victor,

Migrating to Console_Color2 is quite simple, I only change the name of class in the "outputter" section and fixed the required package into the pear package definition.

I try it out and all works correctly. I hope that this trivial task could be useful.

The main and active problem is that: Console_Color2 is in alpha state and for that reason when you try to install Phrozn with pear it stop the flow because of that. You have to install the dependency of Color_Console2 by hand and retry to install Phrozn.

pear install Console_Color2-alpha
pear install phrozn/Phrozn-beta

Thank you.


Victor Farazdagi

Thanks! Will be included with the next release.

Simon Holywell

You will also need to update the .travis.yml file in the dev branch with this change so it can install the correct dependencies before running its tests:

Walter Dal Mut


This evening I update the travis-ci file and attach the code on this pull.

Walter Dal Mut

already merged into dev branch.

Walter Dal Mut wdalmut closed this July 18, 2012
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May 27, 2012
Walter Dal Mut Replace Console_Color with Console_Color2 553343d
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2  Phrozn/Outputter/Console/Color.php
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
19 19
20 20
21 21
 namespace Phrozn\Outputter\Console;
-use Console_Color as ConsoleColorer;
+use Console_Color2 as ConsoleColorer;
23 23
24 24
25 25
  * Due to wrong documentation Console_Color methods were used as static.
4  package.xml
@@ -447,9 +447,9 @@
447 447
448 448
449 449
-    <name>Console_Color</name>
+    <name>Console_Color2</name>
451 451
-    <min>1.0.3</min>
+    <min>0.1.1</min>
453 453
454 454
455 455

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