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-Welcome to the new world.
+Paws is [@elliottcable][]’s programming language. The design is over a year old, but has gone through
+[many iterations][Strata] and changes. There is no working implementation, though several separate codebases are
+This project is my reference implementation. It’s going to be absolutely non-performant at the outset; it is
+primarily intended to be an easy-to-peruse codebase that provides a *clean* API for embedding the interpreter
+into other projects (statically linked.)
+**If you’re interested in Paws, you should join the IRC channel.** There’s no coherent documentation on the
+underlying paradigm online; we’ve tried several times to compile such, and had no luck. It’s quite difficult to
+explain without an example interpreter to point people to, even on a one-on-basis; nearly impossible to do so
+with no example implementation *and* in a generalized anybody-who-reads-this form. (Yes, we know this situation
+We’re always available in [**##Paws**][##Paws] on the Freenode IRC network ([click here][webchat] to immediately
+open a temporary IRC client.)
+ [@elliottcable]:
+ [strata]:
+ [##Paws]: irc://
+ [webchat]:

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