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(new doc) Adding a SPELUNKING file to guide newcomers to the codebase.

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Welcome to the new world.
+This distribution includes a file that describes many points of interest within the codebase, and should help you
+have an easier time exploring it.
+If you’re the sort who learns best by reading code instead of docs, head over to the [SPELUNKING][] file!
+ [SPELUNKING]: /elliottcable/Paws.c/blob/Master/SPELUNKING.markdown
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+When reading portions of this codebase, there’s a couple of things you should be aware of:
+1. We *really like* using macros to modify how code is passed around. A thorough scan of the `EXTERNALIZE`
+ and `DECLARATIONS`/`IMPLEMENTATION` systems will make reading Paws.c source code a *lot* easier, and a *lot*
+ more fun. It’s worth your time.
+2. Our ISO C is not your CS teacher’s ISO C, or for that matter, anybody else’s ISO C. It follows a very
+ specific series of style guidelines that dictates everything from the alignment of an indirection asterisk to
+ the number of space characters between return types and functions’ names. While our code is *not* the C
+ you’ve become previously familiar with, it’s *very* clean, beautiful, and readable by comparison. It’s more
+ of a bastard child of Ruby and D, than plain ol’ butt-ugly C.
+That said, without further ado...
+The Sightseer’s Guide to Paws.c
+The Paws.c codebase tends towards oddity; there’s quite a few interesting nooks and crannies you might discover
+as you explore. This document will attempt to document your way towards the more unusual or interesting of these.
+- Understanding the small CPP macros utilized absolutely *pervasively* throughout this codebase is essential to
+ being able to understand the codebase itself. I suggest you start with the thorough documentation of the
+ ‘externalization’ system in `Source/Core.h`.
+- Our `thing` annotated-pointer type is very central to the implementation of our object system; you can read
+ more about it in `Source/Types/Types.h`
+- The API bootstrapping spans almost every file in the codebase. You’ll want to start with the `construct()`
+ function in `Source/Paws.c` and work your way through the various `register_*` functions defined in each
+ individual file.
+- Our “tests” are written using a neat little test-running tool named `Cest.`; it’s very self-contained and easy
+ to understand. See the source-code in `Vendor/Cest.c`.
+- Most of our object system depends on the `fork` nuketype (as you probably know if you’re reading this), and the
+ `fork` type depends heavily on our unusual linked-list implementation. See `Source/Types/fork/ll.c`.

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