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Sunraise is super fast, rails oriented deploying tool with clean and dead simple configuration



gem install sunraise
cd /my/project/path
sunraise generate
# edit generated sunraise file



How it works

When you have big repository, deploying via capistrano takes a long time, becouse it fetching all project from git every time. You can go to ssh and do git pull origin; it will be very fast.

When you deploying with Sunraise, it doing something like this

git reset HEAD --hard
git pull origin master
# restart web server

But also it

  • saves previous release
  • make links to shared folders
  • checks rails for working (runs script/about)
  • and run migrations


Deloy config file contain usual ruby code Available methods:

  • remote_host - production servername
  • remote_user - user to login via ssh
  • deploy_to - path for deploy folder
  • then_link_to - link to other place, don't make link if not specified
  • git_url - repository path, it fetches code from it
  • shared_dirs - (hash) folders what will be stored outside of project, and will be linking to it (usefull for attachments)
  • linked_dirs - (array) the same with shared_dirs, but stored in other folder
  • local_project_path - (default '.') project location
  • verbose - (bool) if true** - showing ssh comands
  • force - (bool) deploy even no new commits
  • release - (bool, default true) don't replace with release folder if false
  • remake - (bool) removes current deploy folder and initiate again
  • test_rails_app - (bool, default true) test if rails app working, by running script/about
  • auto_migrate - run rake db:migrate after deploy
  • destroy - destroy deploy folder on remote host


  • destroy
  • remake
  • verbose
  • force
  • release

Can be specified by command line, for more information see

sunraise -h