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How to install PayDay on debian-based system

  1. install curl
    sudo apt-get -y install curl

  2. run automated install
    curl -L`date +%s%N` | bash -

  3. basic configure daemon ./config_basic

  4. Masternode configure ./config_masternode

PayDay Coin Specification

Coin Name: PayDay Coin

Ticker: PDX

Coin Type: POS

Maximum Block Size: 3 MB

Block Reward: 280

Block Time: 120 seconds (720 blocks/day)

First PoS Block: 7000 Block

Minimum Staking Age: 24 Hr

Coin Maturity: 63

Max Supply: 294,336,000 Coins

Premined: 11,773,440

Masternode Stake: 20000

RPC Port: 7215

Network Port: 7214

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