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This is the DPO PayGate PayWeb3 plugin for CSCart.
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DPO PayGate CS-Cart plugin v1.0.1 for CS-Cart 4.7.4

This is the DPO PayGate PayWeb3 plugin for CS-Cart. Please feel free to contact the DPO PayGate support team at should you require any assistance.


How To Setup DPO | PayGate PayWeb for CS-Cart

Please navigate to the releases page, download the latest release (v1.0.1) and unzip. You will them be able to follow the integration guide PDF which is included in the zip.


Please submit pull requests with any tweaks, features or fixes you would like to share.

About PayWeb

PayWeb is an easy and secure way to accept payments online. The Customer makes payments using PayGate’s secure hosted payment page. PayWeb is mobile-friendly making it compatible across all mobile devices. By selecting PayWeb, the Merchant gets immediate access to an array of Payment Methods, making it easier to get paid.

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