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PayPie ICO smart contracts and Token contract
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What is this repository for?

  • PayPie ICO contracts
  • ver 1.0
  • for crowd funding during the pre and ICO phase

How do I get set up?

For Presale

  • Deploy Presale contract.

For Public Sale

  • First deploy Crwodsale contract and obtain its address.
  • Secondly deploy Token contract and use address from previous step as its input. Obtain address of the token contract.
  • Thirdly call function updateTokenAddress() of Crowdsale contract and provide address from Token contract as an input.

How do I run

  • contract owner can start both presale and public sale contracts by calling start() function

  • contributions are accepted by sending ether to presale or public sale contract address

  • when the campaign is over, contract owner can run finilize() function to end the campaign and transfer remaining tokens to team address in case of public sale.

  • in case of emergency function emergencyStop() can be called to stop contribution and function release() to start campaign again.

  • in case of refunds or claiming tokens in presale contract, contract owner needs to set the appropriate status of public campaign. function setMainCampaignStatus() should be used to set the conditions for refunds or claiming of tokens. Setting state to true will allow contributors to claim purchased tokens, false will allow them to claim refunds.

  • in case of failed campaign, contract owner will need to fund both contracts so contributors can receive their funds back. Function fundContract() should be used.

  • in case of failed campaign, contributors can safely withdraw their funds by calling refund() function in presale and public sale contracts.

  • in presale contributors will need to claim their tokens after main ICO has ended. To claim tokens one needs to call function claimTokens(). Contract owner will need to set address of the token contract using function setToken() and pass token address as parameter. Also setMainCampaignStatus() will need to be called with value true, indicating that main ICO has been successful.

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