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PayU account plugin for OpenCart version 2.3.x

Note: Plugin supports only OpenCart 2.3.x

For OpenCart 2.0.x, 2.1.x or 2.2.x please use 3.1.x plugin

This plugin is released under the GPL license.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact our technical support

Table of Contents


The PayU payments OpenCart plugin adds the PayU payment option and enables you to process the following operation in your e-shop:

  • Creating a payment order (with discounts included)


Important: This plugin works only with checkout (REST API) points of sales (POS).

  • PHP >= 5.3.0
  • PHP extensions are required - cURL, hash


To install the plugin, copy folders and activate it on the administration page:

  1. Copy the folders from the plugin repository to your OpenCart root folder on the server.
  2. Go to the OpenCart administration page [http://your-opencart-url/admin].
  3. Go to Extensions > Extensions.
  4. Set filter to Payments
  5. In the PayU section click Install.


  1. Go to the OpenCart administration page [http://your-opencart-url/admin].
  2. Go to Extensions > Extensions.
  3. Set filter to Payments
  4. In the PayU section click Edit.

Configuration Parameters

The tables below present the descriptions of the configuration form parameters.

Main parameters

The main parameters for plugin configuration are as follows:

Parameter Values Description
Status Enabled/Disabled Specifies whether the module is enabled.
Sort Order Positive integers The priority that the payment method gets in the payment methods list.
Total Positive integers Minimal amount for PayU payment method to be active.
Geo Zone Zone's List Geo Zone for PayU payment method to be active.

POS parameters

Parameter Description
POS ID Unique ID of the POS
Second Key MD5 key for securing communication
OAuth - client_id client_id for OAuth
OAuth - client_secret client_secret for OAuth

Status parameters

Defines which status is assigned to an order at a particular stage of order processing.


PayU Payment Gateway for OpenCart 2.x




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