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Payer payment module for OsCommerce
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Payer OsCommerce Module

This is the payment module to get started with Payers payment services in OsCommerce.

For more information about our payment services, please visit



  1. Copy the files from the catalog directory into the corresponding folder in your OsCommerce installation.
  2. Configure your Payer Credentials. See the Configuration section below for more details.
  3. In the Modules section in OsCommerce, choose Payment to list the payment methods available and click Install.


Each module has to be configured correctly with your unique Payer Credentials before it can be used in production. The credentials corresponds to the following parameters:

  • KEY 1
  • KEY 2

The key values can be found under the Settings/Account section in Payer Administration.

Setup the module by replacing the placeholders in the PayReadConf.php file with these values. The configuration file can be found in the includes/modules/payment/pr_api folder in the root of the directory. And that's it!


For questions regarding your payment module integration, please contact the Payer Technican Support.

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