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Payline PHP SDK
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PaylineSDK - Payline library for PHP


    use Payline\PaylineSDK;

    // create an instance
    $paylineSDK = new PaylineSDK($merchant_id, $access_key, $proxy_host, $proxy_port, $proxy_login, $proxy_password, $environment[, $pathLog= null[, $logLevel = Logger::INFO[, $externalLogger = null[, $defaultTimezone = "Europe/Paris"]]]]);
    $merchant_id, the merchant identifier, has to be a string.
    $environment determines in which Payline environment your request are targeted.
    It should be filled with either PaylineSDK::ENV_HOMO (for testing purpose) or PaylineSDK::ENV_PROD (real life)
    If $pathLog is null, log files will be written under default logs directory. Fill with your custom log files path

    // call a web service, for example doWebPayment
    $doWebPaymentRequest = array();
    // PAYMENT
	$doWebPaymentRequest['payment']['amount'] = 1000; // this value has to be an integer amount is sent in cents
	$doWebPaymentRequest['payment']['currency'] = 978; // ISO 4217 code for euro
	$doWebPaymentRequest['payment']['action'] = 101; // 101 stand for "authorization+capture"
	$doWebPaymentRequest['payment']['mode'] = 'CPT'; // one shot payment

	$doWebPaymentRequest['order']['ref'] = 'myOrderRef_35656'; // the reference of your order
	$doWebPaymentRequest['order']['amount'] = 1000; // may differ from payment.amount if currency is different
	$doWebPaymentRequest['order']['currency'] = 978; // ISO 4217 code for euro

	$doWebPaymentRequest['payment']['contractNumber'] = '1234567';
	$doWebPaymentResponse = $paylineSDK->doWebPayment($doWebPaymentRequest);


See the doc/ directory for more detailed documentation. More information available on



Compliant with PHP 5.3 and over Requires monolog/monolog, just let Composer do the job


Payline support -


Payline is licensed under the LGPL-3.0+ License - see the LICENSE file for details

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