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Payment Rails C# SDK

A native C# SDK for the Payment Rails API

For more information about the API as well as C# code samples check out the full API documentation


For C#

To install the reference:

with dll

In Solution Explorer, right-click the project node and click Add Reference. Selec the dll in the file explorer and confirm your selection.

With NuGet

Open your package manager console and enter:
PM> Install-Package PaymentRails.SDK

The library is hosted on github here

Getting Started


  • PaymentRails
  • PaymentRails.Types
  • PaymentRails.Exceptions

Simple example

// A simple c# application using the Payment Rails SDK
using paymentrails.Types;
using paymentrails;

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        // set your API key
		var client = new PaymentRails_Gateway("YOUR-API-KEY", "YOUR-SECRET-KEY", "production");
        Recipient response = client.recipient.find("R-4q7zxMa26hpZhx7ULApBGw");


Methods should all have C# Doc comments to help you understand their usage. As mentioned the full API documentation is the best source of information about the API.

For more information please read the C# API docs is available. The best starting point is:

Data Type SDK Documentation
Batch API Docs for Batch
Payment API Docs for Payment
Recipient API Docs for Recipient
Recipient Account API Docs for Recipient Account