Module enabels customers to purchase SMS units via Paystack
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Paystack SPC(sms portal creator) Module

Tested on SPC4


  • Before you can start taking payments through Paystack, you will first need to sign up at: To receive live payments, you should request a Go-live after you are done with configuration and have successfully made a test payment.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the and install via your Joomla Mange extensions page. Step 1

  2. Navigate to your modules page & Click the New button. Step 2

  3. Click the "SPC Paystack Gateway Module" option. Step 3

  4. Copy your API keys from your Paystack Dashboard Settings and paste them on the module settings. Step 4

  5. Create a new position by typing spc_paystack in the position field on the right side of the page. After creating it, save the module. Step 5

    Step 5
  6. Create the article(page) that will be the buy SMS page.

    • Click on add new Article.
    Step 6
    • On the article content, paste the text {loadposition spc_paystack}
    Step 6
  7. Link the article(page) to your main menu:

    • Click on add new Menu Item under the main menu.
    Step 7 Step 7
  8. Click the select button beside the Menu Item Type option and select Single article under Articles on the popup overlay. Step 8 Step 8

  9. Click the select button beside the Select Article option and choose the buy sms page(article) you've created. Step 9 Step 9

  10. Save Menu and go to website to view the page created.


I think step 6-10 can be optimized to be easier, my Joomla knowledge is weak. Please feel free to share your suggestions and send Pull Requests.