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This is an open source project for downloading free, high quality vector logos of Nigerian companies. Visit the website at

Getting Started

NigeriaLogos is a simple web app built with HTML and plain Javascript. Styles are written in SCSS and compiled locally. Follow the instructions below to set up the project on your local machine for development and testing purposes.



Running this project locally

  • Clone the project to your computer.

  • Install dependencies with
    $ npm install

  • Serve with hot reload at localhost:8080 or some random port if 8080 is in use.
    $ npm run dev

  • Optionally: If you don't want to serve with hot reload as above

    • generate css/main.css
      $ npm run build

    • generate and automatically update css/main.css as scss/* files changes
      $ npm run watch


To learn more about contributing to NigeriaLogos, please read