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The provided Plugin helps store merchants to redirect customers to the Paytm Payment Gateway when they choose PAYTM as their payment method. After the customer has finished the transaction they are redirected back to an appropriate page on the merchant site depending on the status of the transaction.

The aim of this document is to explain the procedure of installation and configuration of the Plugin on the merchant website.

Installation and Configuration

  1. Log in to your admin panel, go to Modules and click on Install new module link . Upload file and enable it by clicking on Enable newly added module (Paytm module will be under UBERCART-PAYMENT section in module list).
  2. Configure the Paytm account information by clicking on Store -> Paymnt Method -> Click settings and enter the Paytm account information Merchant ID,Merchant Key,Website Name and Industry type etc.
  3. Payment method title will be shown on checkout page above Paytm logo and Order review submit button text is text of sumbit button.
  4. Select paytm checkout mode LIVE/ TEST based on LIVE/STAGGING setup.
  5. Paytm PG is now reflected as a payment method on the Checkout Page.

Paytm PG URL Details

	Transaction URL             =>
	Transaction Status Url      =>

	Transaction URL             =>
	Transaction Status Url      =>