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mohitchauhan-paytm and apuravchauhan Updated Developer Content (#6)
* developer sheet and dev team changes

* changes as per content by dev and code variable and value changes

* recovered lost changes

* checksum verificartion and code updation in java

* changes given by integration dev for the code indentation and code changes.

* call back url changes by integration dev

* scroll fix css

* Updated Code v1.0

* change of the sheet

* changes by integration dev- error response of txn_status and unbold table headings in android and ios

* ios sdk code change and home page text update and link ordering

* show dashboard button instead of user name in header

* docs page image changes

* new pricing added

* changes with pricing page

* latest code with updations

* changes8oct

* new dpc changes

* added src query param in dashboard url's with dev value

* added ga in site

*  latest changes

* changes

* changes by tejas

* changes


* footer fixed on mobile

* refund api and android ios changes

* fixed the auto login

* login fix
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Codebase for Paytm's developer network portal and home of all Paytm's payment gateway integration docs.

Local development

yarn install
gatsby develop
gatsby build


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