A simple tool to move the extruder to different touch points around the perimeter of the print bed. Useful for bed leveling
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The Touch Test plugin for OctoPrint adds a new sidebar panel, essential for manual bed leveling. A simple 3x3 grid of buttons allows the user to move the printhead to all 4 corners and edges of the printbed, where you can perfotm "the paper test".

Simply slide a piece of paper back and forth underneath the printhead. Adjust your bed leveling screws until the hotend starts to "grab" the paper. Repeat for the center all 4 corners, double checking at the edges (to make sure your bed is nice and flat)

alt text


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:



Under Settings > Plugins > Touchtest plugin be sure to set your bed dimensions, as well as your preferred "Edge Offset" (useful for avoiding the sccrews in the corners fo your print bed.