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Welcome to the Wiki of the ParMaLy project.

ParMaLy, short for Parser Grammar Analyzer, is a tool to analyze and improve context-free grammar based on different techniques and parsers. This software does not replace tools like Bison/YACC however, due to the fact that it has no real Code Generator included. You are free to use the generated tables and build your own parser. Remember: Best way to learn something is to implement it on your own.

If you need a starting point go to the page Getting Started and start your journey!

Supported Preprocessor Actions (PMLA)

  • Fix Left-Recursion

Supported Parsers (PMLG)

  • LR(0)
  • LR(1)
  • LR(k)
  • SLR(1)
  • SLR(k,d)
  • LALR(1)
  • LALR(k)
  • LL(0)
  • LL(1)
  • LL(k)
  • Recursive-Descent Pseudo-Code (experimental)

Supported Runners (PMLR)

  • LL
  • LR