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The PMLG (ParMaLy - Generator) is a parser type based generator which can generate tables, states and pseudo-code. A real code generator (like C, C++, Java, etc.) is not planned. You should use ANTLR or Bison instead.

Command Line Options

General options

Short Long Input Description Example
-h --help PMLG shows the help message and exits. PMLG -h
-nl --no-log PMLG will surpress the generation of the log file. PMLG grammar.g -nl -k=2 --parser=lr --pml=pml.txt
-k --lookahead INT Sets the amount of lookahead to be used by some parser types. Can be higher or equal 0. PMLG grammar.g -k=4 --parser=lr --pml=pml.txt
-d INT Second parameter for some parser types, e.g SLR. Can be higher or equal 0. PMLG grammar.g -k=4 -d=2 --parser=slr --pml=pml.txt
--style PATH Sets the style configuration file to be used by all output. PMLG grammar.g --firstset=firstset.txt

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