Custom Whitelist Message plugin for Sponge-based Minecraft servers.
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Custom Whitelist plugin for Sponge-based Minecraft servers.

Custom Message

CWL allows you to change the default message for non-whitelisted players in its config file.


For config, see the Config file section.

CWL allows you to automatically generate the whitelist.json file using a remote SQL database. This will be useful if you have your own Minecraft server with a website with registration and whitelist requests, for example.

To generate it, execute a command "/cwl whitelist".

CWL also can automatically sync the whitelist in background with the specified interval.

Reloading the plugin

You can execute the "/cwl reload" command to reload the config and restart the autosync task.

Config file

main {
  whitelist="Send a whitelist request firstly!"
  db_query="SELECT `username`, `uuid` from `players` WHERE `access` = 2;"

The whitelist field is a custom message that will be shown to the not whitelisted player when he joins the server. See the Custom Message section.

The db_connection field is a JDBC connection string. The format is jdbc:CONNECTOR://HOST/TABLE?user=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD. This also will accept an alias set up in the Sponge config. See the Autogen section.

The db_query field is a SQL query string that will be used to get list of whitelisted users. Should return two columns: username and UUID. See the Autogen section.

The sync_delay field is an interval in seconds used to automatically sync the whitelist in background. Set to 0 to disable the autosyncing. See the Autogen section.

You can reload the config in runtime, see the Reloading the plugin section.