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Remind reviewers about stale pull requests automatically
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What is Remindbot?

Remindbot is a GitHub bot that reminds github assignees of stale pull requests.

How it works

Remindbot works by looking at all the pull requests in a repository and checking to see if any of the comments are:

  • By the current assignee
  • Within a certain time (by default, the last day)

If these two are not true and the PR is older than a day (also configurable), the bot will leave a comment on the Pull Request to remind the assignee that they need to review it.

How to use

  1. Compile the bot using Cargo
    • Use cargo build --release
  2. cd to the directory where the binary is built (by default its at ./target/release)
  3. The command to run RemindBot is remindbot --owner pearapps --repo initializeme --auth_token SOME_TOKEN
    • --owner is the GitHub user whose repo you want to remind assignees on
    • --repo is the repo name you want to remind assignees on
    • This will run RemindBot once
    • If you want RemindBot to run continuously - you have to handle that yourself for now.

What else?

This bot also will tell you the average amount of time all open Pull Requests with an assignee have been open.

Why Rust?

Rust is expressive, safe, and fast.

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