Starter kit for a Pearson Origami standalone presentational component
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Origami Starter Kit Build Status

This is a comprehensive starter kit for creating a standalone Origami component (not an app starter kit). You should integrate your component into a larger application capable of managing data flow to all available components.

In order to utilize this successfully, you must have solid working knowledge of Facebook's React - a library for building composable user interfaces. You should understand ES2015 (ES6) syntax and concepts as well.

This starter kit implements best practices like testing, linting, bundling, transpiling ES6 to ES5, etc. It codifies a long list of decisions that you no longer have to make to get rolling. It saves you from the long, painful process of wiring it all together into an automated development environment and build process.

Public or Private Component?

Consult with the UXF ownership team to determine where your component repository should live.

Getting Started

  1. Create your new repository as decided above, using the following naming convention:

    1. All lowercase characters, and hyphens instead of camel case.
    2. Do not use "component" in the name, as it is redundant.
  2. Follow these directions to stop manually authenticating to GitHub on every network request. This enables the desired use of automated npm scripts.

  3. Perform these steps in your development environment:

    1. git clone name-of-your-new-component
    2. cd name-of-your-new-component
    3. git remote set-url origin url-of-new-component-repository
    4. git remote -v
  4. Once you've verified that the remote origin now looks correct for your repo, do the initial push:

    git push -u origin master

Ready to Develop

After completing the above steps, delete this README and rename as "" for your project. You are ready to begin developing your component!