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@ebussieres ebussieres released this 13 Jul 19:09
· 217 commits to master since this release
  • Java 8
  • Macros have access to all variables within the template and are no longer restricted to a "local scope"
  • New signature for filters/functions/tests that accepts the PebbleTemplate, EvaluationContext, and line number
  • Converted EvaluationContext to an interface with limited access to the underlying implementation
  • A "null" used as a boolean expression now throws an error if strict variables is true, treated as "false" otherwise
  • Improved error reporting
  • Java8 Date API support on date filter
  • Replace guava cache with caffeine
  • Add String Interpolation (#235)
  • Add the possibility to extend attribute access (#258)
  • Remove DynamicAttributeProvider
  • Render content on demand. Expose getLiteralTemplate(String templateName) (#295)
  • Introduce SpecializedWriter, (#358)
  • Many performance enhancements
  • Method resolution with overloaded method signatures (#367)
  • Use AbstractTemplateViewResolverProperties for spring-boot (#369)