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  • Find an image that is as close as possible to a perfect top-down angle,
    • GIMP: use the perspective tool to make any necessary adjustments,
    • Photoshop: use the camera raw (shift + ctrl + a) perspective tool ('shift + t) to make any necessary adjustments,
  • White background is preferred for best cutout quality, but if not available just cut them out best as possible
  • Isolate the pedal on a transparent background (do not cut off jacks or switches):
    • GIMP: open file, select magic wand tool and click background, Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel, then Layer > Transparency > Color to Alpha, and finally Ok in the dialog prompt.
    • Photoshop: open file, select magic wand tool (can help to adjust the tolerance to 12-18) and click background, Layer > Layer Mask > Hide Selection
    • You can also use
  • Crop the image to non-transparent pixels:
    • Gimp: Image > Crop to Content,
    • Photoshop: Image > Trim > Transparent Pixels.
  • Save to two places with the following guidelines:
    • /app/images/pedals - Save for Web as PNG-24, make width 800px or less (don't enlarge original image though)
    • /public/images/pedals - Save for web as PNG-24, make width 350px or less
    • Please make sure file names use all lower-case letters and no spaces


  • Add the dimensions of the pedals you add to /public/data/pedals.json
  • Input dimensions in inches, with decimals (rounding to nearest hundredth)
  • Dimensions recorded should include any jacks and protrusions, otherwise your pedal may appear elongated or squished,
  • If you have an official measurement for the side that has no protrusions, you can find the actual measurement of the side with jacks with just a bit of algebra:
    ((a / b) * y) = x
    a = length of side in image with jacks in pixels
    b = length of side in image without jacks in pixels
    y = official measurement of side without jacks in inches
  • To find the dimensions of your png:
    • GIMP: shift + s
    • Photoshop: ctrl + i

Running Locally

  1. Install node v10, bower, and gulp
  2. Install dependencies via npm install
  3. Install client-side libraries via bower install
  4. Compile assets and watch for changes via gulp
  5. Start the local server via npm run serve. This will open a browser tab for you at localhost:8080.

MacOS Notes

Under MacOS Mojave:

  • brew install node@10 bower
  • sudo npm install gulp-cli -g;
  • sudo npm rebuild node-sass -g
  • sudo npm install sharp -g;
  • sudo npm install http-server -g

Requesting Pedals

If there is a pedal you're looking for, feel free to log an issue. Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • New releases from all popular builders are added automatically. There is no need to make a request for those.
  • Double check to see if the pedal isn't already in the database.
  • Also check to see if the pedal hasn't already been included in a pending pull by one of our contributors.
  • We're sorry, but please no requests for alternate colorways.
  • Include a high resolution image of the pedal (top-down view, preferably white background, straight on perspective)
  • Include the dimensions of the pedal in inches (make sure the dimensions are accurate and include jacks and other protrusions)
  • Post one issue for each pedal you're requesting and do not bump/repost open issues
  • Please remain patient!! Even if your request is marked to be closed it can still sometimes take several weeks for updates to get pulled into the main project.