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An Android App Created in the context of the Mobile Device Programming Course
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Standing Sick


This app was developped by me over a period of a month as a individual project for the course of Mobile Devices Programming The objective of this app is to fill a questionaire when the user is in the waiting room of the urgencies. One of the requested features of this app is to have a large font on the questionare and to be yes or no questions, adicionally can be left some extra observations (text field)


  • Easy to fill the questionare (large fonts)
  • One page questionare (visible the progress of the questionare by a progress bar and the number of the current question and total of questions)
  • Generated text file with the result of the questionaire
  • The text file generated is accessible through the History page
  • Ability to change the questions and answers of the questionaire
  • Clear current questionare
  • Settings page to change the Name, Email and password (the name and email will show on the report, the password is to access the questionare page)
  • Share report through email


Check the ScreenShots folder to view the screen shots

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