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PedroHLC 11 maintainance changes
Drop unused ipfs config;
Remove no longer debug request;
build llvm inside some folder and fix it log extension;
replace lone_wolf@aur pkgs with -minimal;
pull updates to TkG pkgs, return linux-50;
rewritten `x11-wrapper`;
use overlay for pkgdest (so it knows when packages were built;
use llvm-minimal for mesa-git (issue #12);
deploy pkgs moving from updir;
update ~/ignore-hourly.txt;
Latest commit 6e5372c May 20, 2019
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etc Add cubocore pkgs; revert srcpkgs cache Mar 19, 2019
home 11 maintainance changes May 20, 2019
srv/http Remove unused bind; Added linux51-tkg-bmq; Fixed dirty leaks in chroo… May 7, 2019
usr/local/bin The Winner Takes It All Nov 9, 2018
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