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tutorials and guides

Here's the summary of all our material on EMS and using openEMSstim board. You can find these information also here.

1. video tutorials

openEMSstim tutorial

Click here to watch this tutorial on how to step the openEMSstim via Android.

basics of ems tutorial

Click here to watch this tutorial on the basics of EMS.

2. step-by-step illustrated walkthrough

  1. Setting up the openEMSstim using Android

3. Learn more about a particular topic

  1. Safely using EMS, a checklist of the golden rules of EMS
  2. Choosing an Off the shelf TENS/EMS device
  3. Protocol and control messages
  4. Exploring EMS parameters
  5. Making your own board
  6. Interfacing with Python (via USB, with video here)
  7. Interfacing with node.js (USB)
  8. Interfacing with Processing (bluetooth 4.0 on android and USB)
  9. Interfacing with Unity3D (USB)
  10. Interfacing with Android apps (via bluetooth 4.0)

License and Liability

Please refer to the liability waiver (in documentation/

Please refer to the license (in /