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GUI for PHP's OpCache. I started this project to see what you can do with PHP's OpCache. There are already a couple of projects who implement something like this, but they are either a "one file to rule them all" or just not very nice looking.

If you are looking for a simple single file status GUI please see Rasmus' one-page OpCache project.


For installation instructions and example configuration see the installation wiki page.


How to contribute


MIT License (MIT)


  • Add brazilian portuguese translations
  • Add support for the ipv6 loopback address to the firewall
  • Add APCu support
  • Add Memcached support
  • Separate firewall and authentcaion layers
  • Add jailing / seperation of directories
  • Add adapter for external authentication
  • Add support to invalidate entire directories
  • Add support to warm up cache
  • Add support to manage other servers centrally
  • Delegate autoloading to Composer's PSR4 autoloader
  • Delegate routing to external library (fastroute, fasterroute, fastererroute, fastestfasterererroute)
  • Add installation page for fresh installs
  • Add update/upgrade page for existing installs
  • Add support for IPV6 addresses
  • Use proper language + region codes for translation files ( / POSIX
  • Split up individual components:
    • IP firewall
    • Human readable byte formatter
    • I18n
    • Templating system
    • CSRF token generator
    • Simple session storage


Phase Start End
Finalize roadmap 22-05-2015 23-05-2015
Create v1.1.0 branch 23-05-2015 23-05-2015
Development 23-05-2015 25-05-2015
RC1 release 25-05-2015 31-05-2015
Stable (when no blocking issues are found in RC1) 31-05-2015 31-05-2015
Phase Start End
Finalize roadmap 23-05-2015 24-05-2015
Create v1.1.0 branch 24-05-2015 24-05-2015
Development 01-06-2015 31-07-2015
RC1 release 01-08-2015 15-08-2015
RC2 release 15-08-2015 31-08-2015
Update documentation 22-08-2015 31-08-2015
Stable (when no blocking issues are found in RC2) 01-09-2015 01-09-2015


Status page

OpCacheGUI status

Cached scripts

OpCacheGUI cached scripts


OpCacheGUI graphs

Status page on mobile devices

OpCacheGUI status mobile

Cached scripts page on mobile devices

OpCacheGUI cached scripts mobile