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PeeHaa committed Oct 22, 2017
2 parents d8ab328 + 04a4b69 commit 61283d688f6d265c4632e5cda1631bfb98a31711
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@@ -105,17 +105,17 @@
'config.opcache.lockfile_path.description' => 'Absolute path used to store shared lockfiles (for *nix only)',
'config.opcache.file_cache' => 'File cache',
'config.opcache.file_cache.description' => 'Enables and sets the second level cache directory. It should improve performance when SHM memory is full, at server restart or SHM reset. The default "" disables file based caching.',
'config.opcache.file_cache_only' => 'File cache only',
'config.opcache.file_cache_only.description' => 'Enables or disables opcode caching in shared memory.',
'config.opcache.file_cache_consistency_checks' => 'File cache consistency checks',
'config.opcache.file_cache_consistency_checks.description' => 'Enables or disables checksum validation when script loaded from file cache.',
'config.opcache.file_cache_fallback' => 'File cache fallback',
'config.opcache.file_cache_fallback.description' => 'Implies opcache.file_cache_only=1 for a certain process that failed to reattach to the shared memory (for Windows only). Explicitly enabled file cache is required.',
'config.opcache.file_cache_only' => 'Fil cache kun',
'config.opcache.file_cache_only.description' => 'Aktiverer eller deaktiverer opcode caching i den delte hukommelse.',
'config.opcache.file_cache_consistency_checks' => 'Fil cache konsistens tjeks',
'config.opcache.file_cache_consistency_checks.description' => 'Aktiverer eller deaktiverer checksumvalidering, når script hentes fra fil cachen.',
'config.opcache.file_cache_fallback' => 'fil cache fallback',
'config.opcache.file_cache_fallback.description' => 'Indikerer opcache.file_cache_only = 1 for en bestemt proces der har fejlet genhæfte sig til den delte hukommelse (Windows kun). Eksplicit aktiveret filcache er påkrævet.',
'config.opcache.validate_permission' => 'Valider tilladelse',
'config.opcache.validate_permission.description' => 'Validerer den cachelagrede fil tilladelser mod den nuværende bruger.',
'config.opcache.validate_root' => 'Validér rod',
'config.opcache.validate_root.description' => 'Forhindrer navne kollisioner i chroot\'ed miljøer. Dette bør aktiveres i alle chroot\'ed miljøer for at forhindre adgang til filer uden for chrooten.',
'blacklist.title' => 'Blacklist',
'blacklist.empty' => 'Ingen scripts er blacklisted',

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