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Did you know you can suspend any (well, almost any) process in the terminal by pressing Ctrl-Z? You did? But you always found it a pain to reactivate it because you had to type fg at the prompt? Me too!

That's why I wrote Ctrl-Zsh. Just install this tiny Zsh plugin and suddenly Ctrl-Z will also take you back into the process you just left. Amazing!

(For more information about the awesomeness of job control, see my blog post on the topic.)



Antigen is awesome, and if you aren't using it yet, you should give it a try. To install Ctrl-Zsh just add

antigen-bundle Peeja/ctrl-zsh

to your .zshrc. Or, to try before you buy, just run that command to enable Ctrl-Zsh for the current shell session.

Oh My Zsh!

Add it to your plugins directory, like so:

cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins
git clone https://github.com/Peeja/ctrl-zsh


Just source ctrl-zsh.plugin.zsh from your .zshrc. Or, heck, copy it into your .zshrc. It's only three lines! (But I've got devious plans for more.)