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Provides rails helpers for interfacing with PeepShot.


PeepShot can be integrated into your Rails application in two ways:

Use the PeepShot image tag helper: peepshot_image_tag(url, options)

The minimum requirements for the peepshot_image_tag is an url and a width. When no height is given, PeepShot will return an un-cropped screenshot of the full page. The following example will return an 320px wide image with a height above 1000px.

<%= peepshot_image_tag("", :width => 450) %>

Will return something like this:

<img alt="Ui-patterns" src="" width="450" />

The maximum width of a screenshot is 1024 pixels.

Adding a height to the options hash will make PeepShot crop the screenshot with basis in the top left corner.

<%= peepshot_image_tag("", :width => 450, :height => 337) %>

Will return something like this:

<img alt="Ui-patterns" height="337" src="" width="450" />

You can add any HTML options you'd like as you would with a regular image_tag in rails:

<%= peepshot_image_tag("", :width => 450, :height => 337, :class => 'thumbnail', :alt => "Go to") %>

Use the PeepShot url helper: peepshot_url(url, options)

If you'd like to use peepshot in your own homebrewn way, you can skip the image tag, and just get the URL for the thumbnail:

peepshot_url("", :width => 320)


Prerequisite: You need a account. Have your API Key and API Secret handy.

1. Install peepshot as a gem in your rails app.

Add this to your Gemfile: (change version numbers if needed)

gem 'peepshot', '0.2.0'

Don’t forget to run “bundle install” command every time you change something in the Gemfile.

2. Create config/peepshot.yml with the appropriate environment.

  api_key: <your API key>
  api_secret: <your API secret>

3. Create config/initializers/peepshot.rb and place the following line in it



Unit tests use rspec and require the following environment configuration to run: rails 2.3.10 rspec 1.3.1 rspec-rails 1.3.3 json 1.4.0

Invoke tests on Mac/Linux by running rake spec from this directory

Invoke tests on Windows by running spec spec/ from this directory

Copyright (c) 2012 Anders Toxboe, released under the MIT license

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