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Live dashboard monitor for Aeternity blockchain (
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Real time dashboard monitor for Aeternity blockchain ( Periodically fetches the data from blockchain and saves in internal db allowing in-depth analytics.

Server side: Node.js + PostgreSQL

Client side: Vue.js + SemanticUI

Current features:

Customizable features:

  • different networks (testnet, mainnet, edgenet)
  • fetch the data from first block (on default from current time block)
  • fetch interval seconds (on client and server)

Core stats:

  • key blocks list table (including micro blocks and transactions count) [last 20]
  • miners percentage chart [Last 24h]
  • micro blocks in generation [last 20 key blocks]
  • block height
  • block difficulty
  • block reward
  • last transactions (last block)
  • avg block mine time [last 1h]

Transactions stats:

  • 'timeframe' switch - 1h, 24h, 7d, 1m
  • last transactions table [last 20]
  • transactions done count per hour chart [from last 'timeframe']
  • transactions per type chart [last 'timeframe']
  • transactions done count [last 'timeframe']
  • avg fee [last 'timeframe']
  • avg transactions per generation [last 'timeframe']

Token stats:

  • AE token exchanges stats table (currently Binance, Bithumb,, Uex)




Expects node.js and PostgreSQL installed. On first run will start fetching blockchain data from current block (see [Optional] for configuration change). After first saved key block in database, every time restarted at the beginning will fetch missing data from last saved block to current.

Update properties.js and provide:

  • database (postgres) connection info [user, host, database, password, port],
  • node info [node url, node port, network id important!]

[Optional] Configure properties.js settings for blockchain check interval seconds and other settings.

  • set fetchWholeBlockchainOnStarthWhenEmptyDb to true if want to fetch from first blocks (on default starts to fetch from current block when empty db)

Install: npm install

Run: node app.js (default port 6789)


Expects Vue globally installed.

[Optional] Configure assets/properties.js for server check interval seconds.

Install: npm install

Run (vue live server): npm run serve

Build: npm run build

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