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News: Now converted from Markdown to Org mode by Pandoc and styled for the web by Firn.

Welcome to the Peeragogy Handbook.


The Peeragogy project was convened by Howard Rheingold in 2012 ( If you have a couple minutes to listen to Howard tell the story, here is a video in which he describes how he went from organising co-teaching in his classes at Berkeley and Stanford, to running collaborative courses online, to convening a group of people to collect practical know-how about how to learn any subject without teachers:

The Peeragogy Handbook collects the results of our investigations. In capsule form, peeragogy centres on the process of learning together and making that learning available to others. We decided to early on to publish our book directly in to the public domain, via the CC Zero waiver, so that we could minimise friction for people adopting and adapting the contents ( We are currently working on the 4th Edition of the book, which will bring a lot of changes to the contents (the 3rd Edition was published in 2016).

Micro Quickstart Guide

This book can help any group of people learn or create something together. Scroll down to read online or download absolutely free, or buy a copy, or fork a copy of your very own to work on.
Mailing List
Our ongoing public discussions are on Google Groups at!forum/peeragogy. Sign up there to get email and post to the wider contributor community. Remember to ask questions!
Live Meetings
Public meetings of are listed at You can subscribe for updates via Google Calendar with this link:
To comment on the Peeragogy Handbook please make an account at and use the mini-toolbar on the right-hand side of each page on They’re collected at*. You’re also welcome to share reviews or comments elsewhere of course!
If you browse to you will see our Github “organization”. The master copy of the Handbook content is at Pull requests welcome. Github has a learning curve, so we hope you will ask us for help if you get stuck.
In particular, we manage our projects on Github with using kanban boards: If you’d like to get involved, have a look at the tasks outlined there.
More details
Please have a look at this longer quickstart guide for more information about our tools and workflow, and more ways to get involved.
The Peeragogy Podcast is available on multiple sites: videos are available on this YouTube playlist:

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword by Howard Rheingold :: i
  2. Preface to the 3rd Edition :: v


  1. Introduction :: 3
  2. ☞ Welcome to the Peeragogy Workbook! :: 7
  3. Summaries :: 21


  1. Motivation :: 29
  2. 5PH1NX :: 35

Peeragogy in Practice:

  1. Practice :: 51
  2. Patterns :: 55
    1. Peeragogy :: 64
    2. Roadmap :: 67
    3. Reduce, reuse, recycle :: 71
    4. Carrying capacity :: 74
    5. A specific project:: 78
    6. Wrapper :: 81
    7. Heartbeat :: 84
    8. Newcomer :: 87
    9. Scrapbook :: 90
  3. Emergent roadmap:: 95
  4. SWATS :: 97

Convening a group:

  1. Convening :: 103
  2. Play :: 109
  3. Peeragogy :: 113
  4. SOLE :: 117
  5. A meeting with the Pro Vice-Chancellor :: 129

Organizing a Learning Context:

  1. Organizing :: 135
  2. Adding Structure :: 143
  3. Student Syllabus :: 147
  4. Collaborative Explorations :: 157


  1. Cofacilitation :: 169
  2. Workscape :: 173
  3. Participation :: 177
  4. Coworking :: 181
  5. Coworking Story :: 187


  1. Assessment :: 191
  2. Researching Peeragogy :: 201

Technologies, Services, and Platforms:

  1. Technologies :: 209
  2. Forums :: 217
  3. Wiki :: 221
  4. Realtime :: 229
  5. Connectivism :: 235


  1. Peeragogy in action :: 245
  2. Recommended reading :: 253
  3. License :: 263
  4. Peeragogy Handbook v4 :: xx

How to cite

J. Corneli, C. J. Danoff, C. Pierce, P. Ricaurte, and L. Snow MacDonald, eds. The Peeragogy Handbook. 3rd ed. Chicago, IL./Somerville, MA.: PubDomEd/Pierce Press, 2016. Downloaded from

Or in BibTeX:

 title={Peeragogy {Handbook}},
 editor={Corneli, Joseph and Danoff, Charles Jeffrey and Pierce, Charlotte and Ricaurte, Paola and Snow MacDonald, Lisa},
 address={Chicago, IL./Somerville, MA.},
 publisher={PubDomEd/Pierce Press},


Editorial Board: Joseph Corneli, Charles Jeffrey Danoff, Paola Ricaurte, Charlotte Pierce, and Lisa Snow MacDonald

Contributors: Bryan Alexander, Paul Allison, Elisa Armendáriz, Régis Barondeau, Doug Breitbart, George Brett, Suz Burroughs, Teryl Cartwright, Jay Cross, Julian Elve, María Fernanda Arenas, James Folkestad, Kathy Gill, John Glass, John Graves, Jan Herder, Matthew Herschler, Gigi Johnson, Anna Keune, Kyle Larson, Roland Legrand, Amanda Lyons, Dorotea Mar, Christopher Tillman Neal, Ted Newcomb, Stephanie Parker, Miguel Ángel Pérez Álvarez, David Preston, Laura Ritchie, Verena Roberts, Stephanie Schipper, Peter Taylor, Fabrizio Terzi, and Geoff Walker

Founder: Howard Rheingold

Public Domain (CC-Zero), 2012-2020 ./images/


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