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Law Enforcement Guidelines

These guidelines are for law enforcement officials seeking user records from Technologies Peerio, Inc. (“Peerio”), and for Peerio users who want to know more about our policies for dealing with law enforcement and other government requests for information. More general information about Peerio’s terms and policies are available in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The information provided in these Guidelines are intended to be an informative guide so that law enforcement have a general understanding of what information Peerio may possess and how to serve valid legal process upon Peerio. Peerio reserves the right to change these Guidelines at any time and also reserves the right to resist through lawful means any demand for user information.

What is Peerio?

Peerio is a secure communications and productivity suite that allows users to send, receive, upload, download, and store end-to-end encrypted messages and files. More information about Peerio’s features and technology can be found at, or in our support center at

Information Stored by Peerio

Peerio collects and stores non-public user information in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please refer to these documents for specific information on the data we collect from and about users.

The information we have may not be the information of a real person, for example, if the user has created a fake account. Peerio does not require real-name use or identity authentication.

Peerio routinely deletes non-content information that is no longer necessary for the operation of Peerio’s Services.

Contents of deleted accounts will only be available for a maximum of 24 hours after account deletion. After this time period, all non-shared data from a user’s account is removed from Peerio.

Peerio Cannot Access The Contents of Users’ Communications

Peerio users’ communications are encrypted end-to-end, with individual users being the sole owners and managers of their private encryption keys. For this reason, Peerio is unable to decrypt or unscramble the content of users’ communications or files.

Any person seeking a user’s communications can only obtain them from the user him or herself.

Requests for Peerio Account Information

Requests for user account information from Canadian law enforcement should be directed to Technologies Peerio, Inc. in Montreal, Quebec at the address below. Peerio responds to valid legal process issued in compliance with Canadian law. We will only respond to demands that are legally enforceable in Canada. Therefore, any demand for user information by a non-Canadian law enforcement agency must be through appropriate means, such as via mutual legal assistance treaties or via letters rogatory. If we are aware that a particular user is a resident of a jurisdiction other than Canada, we may also require evidence that responding to the demand does not violate the privacy or data protection laws of the user’s jurisdiction of residence.

Will Peerio Notify Users of Requests for Account Information?

Yes. Peerio respects users’ rights and privacy and will notify our users about requests for their information prior to disclosure, as well as provide them with copies of the legal process underlying those requests. This sort of notice is necessary so that affected users have the chance, if they wish, to challenge those requests. If we are lawfully able to do so, we will not release user information until sufficient time has elapsed after giving notice so that the user has a meaningful opportunity to challenge the request.

If your request makes us aware of any violation of our Terms of Use by a user, we reserve the rights to enforce our Terms of Use against such user, which may have the effect of providing notice to the user.

What Details Must Be Included in Account Information Requests?

When requesting user account information, please include:
  • The Peerio username of the subject in question.
  • Details about what specific information is requested and its relationship to your investigation.
  • A valid official email address (e.g., so we may get back in touch with you upon receipt of your legal process.
  • Requests must be made on law enforcement letterhead.
  • We do not accept legal process by email.
  • Requests must be submitted by mail or courier. Our contact information can be found below.

Production Records and Authentication

Unless otherwise agreed upon, we provide responsive records in electronic format and believe that any records produced in response to a valid law enforcement request are self-authenticating. If you require a declaration, please explicitly note that in your request

Emergency Information Requests

If your matter involves a serious risk of imminent harm to a child or serious risk of death or serious physical injury to any person and you require disclosure of information without delay, a Canadian law enforcement official may submit a request through In order to evaluate the request, we will need detailed information regarding the nature of the emergency. We will evaluate each request individually and determine whether we are able to respond.

Transparency Reports

Peerio will periodically provide information on its website regarding the number, nature and origin of all demands for user information.

Contact information

Our mailing address is:

   Technologies Peerio, Inc.
   24 Mont Royal Ouest, Suite 301.1
   Montreal, QC H2T 2S1